My 1st Car

My Georgeous Car

Well, this was my 1st car, didn't do too bad for myself at the age of 17 did I?

I learnt in this Car and Passed in it, 1st time! Didn't tint the windows or anything til just after that of course. Don't think the examiner would have approved LOL,

As you may have worked out by now I had Kenwood I.C.E installed, done by Car Radio Alarms in Sutton, many thanks to them boys and also to my mate Johnny G who used to be into his cars in a big way, scrapped his Prelude last week ;o( Alas...

still even before I did it the way you see it, it was STUNNING with it's pearleceant purple paint job!
A front facing view of the silicon smooth bullet, notice my "Chrome Doughnuts" giving that beasty air intake look to the fog lamp inserts, quality alternative to front fogs if you don't have the money etc...
Anyway click on the images to enlarge for a better view
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That Fateful night
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