My MGR 25

Rover 25 iXL 1.6 Stepspeed.

The iXL is the flagship in the Rover 25 Series, the top model. It comes with all the gadgets and goodies as standard - including:

Full leather
Disc brakes all-round

Twin airbags
Blaupunkt Face-off
Electric mirrors
Electric windows
Electric sunroof
Electro-lumin dials

Going for the MG ZR look


Coded all the black bits big spoiler grille etc etc, click the image for details...

Picked 'em up yesterday and spent the afternoon with my mates Clare and Neil. Cheers guys, it was a lovely day...

Bombing around Wrexham in convoy like something out of the Fast and the Furious - will be visiting Demon Tweeks again n again now, haha...

(Mmmm SPA Digital speedo for the trans-am me thinks.)

Finally got some new 17" Alloys, couldn't wait to get rid of my oem 15"s any longer after the sale of my 16" BRMs, so I jumped in the car and hit the road to Wreham ;o)

Totally Stealth design, x2 Kenwood 12" WS3000 subs and a bridged Kenwood KAC716 mono block amp are covertly mounted in the spare wheel well, in a ported enclosure.. For extremely low BASS.

The enclosure can be seen visibly in the 1st picture, however this is good only for exhibition use and I need some practicality as well, so they are normally completely covert as the name "Total Stealth" suggests, behind the top layer (picture 2), this is a carpeted false floor drilled in the area where the sub cones sit directly below like a regular speaker grill...

Thus having two extreme benefits:

1. As shown in the 2nd pic they are invisible - minimising theft. All anyone can see is an empty boot

2. More importantly I have my whole boot free for it's normal everyday uses / carrying a load etc...

The spare wheel well obviously cannot be used for a spare wheel with this enclosure in situ, but then this car came with a can of tyre weld and not a spare wheel in the 1st place, and so if and when I want to go on motorway trips etc I can just lob one of my oem 15" alloys in the boot as a spare wheel for peace of mind...

Work done by:
CRA 020 8661 1122


My new Total Stealth enclosure: June 2003